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Various Types of Laminates available at Plyduniya & Their Usage

The following article will cover all types of laminate that are available on Plyduniya website and their usage.



If we talk about the thickness of laminates, Lamanites comes in several thicknesses as per the one's requirements. But the common thickness used for one’s furniture are : 0.7 mm, 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm laminates.

The above are also highly used in normal furniture making. Apart from this thickness, some other sizes are also available on demand.

Varieties :

There are some irresistible designs, textures, and varieties in the laminate world. But if we categorize them, we have solids, woods, beaches, walnuts, teaks, and many more along with the latest updated textures to give your furniture the best look. The new variant of digital laminates also adds to the huge variety of laminates.

You may get confused while choosing your laminate because of its an ocean of varieties.

Common Practice:

In the internal areas of the furniture generally 0.7 mm and 0.8 MM thickness is used whereas 1.0 thickness is used in the outer decoration of furniture or cabinets. All these thickness comes with a huge variety of colors and textures to choose from.

Why Choose Laminates?

There are a lot of reasons you should consider choosing laminates as the main component in your upcoming house interior design or renovation.

Laminates are low in both cost & maintenance side.

It is the best substitute for veneers.

Laminate is very easy to clean.

The trending designs are heart stealing and new generations loves them.

Now a days the trend for kitchen is GLOSSY & MR PLUS Laminates.

Your interior gets an updated, unique and sophisticated super cool look.

Can I buy/order Laminates online?

Of Course yes, we are in 2019 almost. At you can always order laminates from top-notch brands like MERINOLAM, Durian lam, CEDAR LAM etc at the guaranteed best price and get the shipment delivered to your doorsteps.

We have various flexible payment options like, PayTm, Google Pay, BHIM UPI, Online Transfer, Cash on Delivery that will fit into your payment modes.

If you have any queries related to PLYWOOD, Laminates, Block Boards or MDF Boards feel free to reach us in our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.

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