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Plywood Industry to See an Steep Increase in Prices Here is why

Plywood Industry to See an Steep Increase in Prices  Here is why
Here are some important facts and reasons that will affect the plywood pricing in the near future.
  1. Labour cost :

The steep increase in the wages of the un skilled labour . Demand of the unskilled labour in the plywood industry is always more than the actual present available labours, Now a days its hard to find unskilled labour at the best cost possible because literacy level is increasing every single day. And as a result a very less percentage of Indian citizens are really into unskilled jobs.


  1. Increase Chemical prices:

The sudden increase in the international prices of chemicals used in manufacturing plywood also has added the cost of production of plywood . The resign used in manufacturing of plywood is on an all time high . When raw materials pricing goes high the final product value also goes high. As a result it affects the price of the final product.



  1. Price of wood :  The shortage of wood is an big concern for the plywood industry . Wood being the main raw material in manufacturing of plywood has an direct effect in the the pricing of plywood . In the past few months the cost of the wood used in the manufacturing of plywood has increased by 30 % .
  2. Inflation:

    The negative impact of inflation affects the price of raw materials, goods and commodities. As a result the prices are at higher side and the purchase capacity goes down.


Considering the given factors an hike in plywood industry is inevitable  . Seeing the market scenario  One could see at least 3-5 % hike in plywood price  shortly .Some how it is our sole responsibility to give the proper information to our customers regarding the price change .




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