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Plyduniya Company profile Porftfolio

Plyduniya - The Plywood People Since 1985



Incorporated as a small startup in Bangalore in 1985 :

It was in 1985 when we sowed the seed in the plywood industry with an aim to provide interior raw materials such as  Plywood, Laminates, MDF boards, Block boards to the citizens of Bangalore at a price that can not be beaten by any other competitor. Yes we were focused on low margin from the day one. With mission to be the best and vision to collaborate with best brands to provide the ultimate satisfaction to our customers we started our journey.  As the time passed by we were ready  for upcoming challenges and to dig into the industry standards ;  to spread our wing to entire Bangalore.


Affiliation with TOP NOCH brands of industry :

 With continuous  R&D we were able to know the customer demand and decided to tie up with the brands that provide value for money & long lasting quality for their products.  As a  result we got associated officially with GREENPLY, MERINO LAMINATES, EVEREST  PLYWOODS , ARCHIDPLY ……& many more top Indian plywood and laminate brands. With best of brands and quality service we gained maximum trust and became the numero-Uno in Bangalore. Plyduniya word became so famous when someone wanted suggestion regarding plywood their relatives recommended one word Plyduniya. This was a wonder and an great achievement to us 

From Bangalore for Plyduniya.


Digital transformation :

After  early 2000s the era of social media and digital age came to scene where people loved to see digital catalogues and wanted to decide their own purchase with own will. Without pushed by any sales person or without influenced by any other  third party, customers wanted to directly purchase things online after the  growth of brands like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart……….

Competing with the digital age customers we also worked hard developing the website to provide our customers their favourite products and brands at their doorstep. At first it looked impossible to sell plywood online. Without worrying about challenges we always loved to focus on the solution. After years of hard work we finally launched the website for  Bangalore customers and which is currently providing service for Bangalore with features like  COD and CASHLESS payment options.


Direct tie up and lowest cost :


We assure our customers the lowest price possible in market, which is unbeatable by any competitor . The reason behind providing such service is the direct link between plyduniya and the partner brand. We keep no middle man or middle company between Plyduniya and the partner brand. This makes us todeal with the partner brands directly without any hazel. With growing competition in Plywood niche we will always try to keep our prices lowest possible in market.


Plywood Stock Availability:

We being direct distributors of various brands like Greenply  Plywood , Everest Plywood …. , Keep heavy /bulk stocks in our own premises. This makes it easy for any customer to get any quantity of materials in time .  Unlike all other sellers we welcome our customers to see /feel /check the materials in our premises. This also gives the customer the satisfaction of getting correct and genuine materials in time .


Plywood at 100%Geniuneity :

We being direct distributors of various brands like Greenply  Plywood , Everest Plywood …. , Keep heavy /bulk stocks in our own premises. In today’s market it is very difficult to identify the genuine and non-genuine materials available in the local market. To over come this problem we offer our customers an certificate issued by the company directly in the customersname . This assures them the right quality and genuine materials purchased. The correct value for money paid for the plywood . This assures all the customers that their hard earned money is invested in an correct , genuine material.


100% PlyduniyaGuarantee :              


1.       On time delivery

2.       Genuine product guarantee

3.       Lowest price

4.       COD option


6.       100% Customer satisfaction guarantee

7.       Swipe – on – Delivery .

Above are the benefits that a customer of Plyduniya avails under 100% Plyduniya guarantee.

With payment options like cash on delivery and cashless i.epaytm, online money transfer, imps, rtgs ,etc ; we create a flexible atmosphere for the customers. We ensure there are no delays with delivery and the product that is delivered is 100% correct and genuine. 



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