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Marine Plywood : 5 Things You Should Know About Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood also is known as BWP or Boiling Water Proof Plywood is one of the best grades of plywood that is available in India. Here are the 5 things you should know about Marine Plywood.

Grades of Plywood

In Indian Plywood industry, there is number of grades, qualities, and standards.  One of them is MARINE / BWP PLYWOOD.


BWP stands for Boiling Water Proof Plywood and it can be referred to as Marine Plywood.

IS Standards of Bwp Plywood

BWP Plywood grade plywood falls under IS 710 category in Indian standards. This means it can withstand 72 hours of boiling water.

Glue / Resign used in manufacturing BWP Plywood :

Different types of glues are used in manufacturing plywood.Phenol Formaldehyde Glue is used in the making of BWP or Marine Plywood. This resigns makes the plywood boiling water proof. 

FAQ on Marine Plywood :

Now lets put some light on the usage of the  Marine Plywood.

 Many people think if  I purchase Marine Plywood what is the usage?

Why can't  I use the normal plywood instead of BWP Plywood?

ANS...Marine Plywood is preferred where there is water contact to plywood on regular basis. For Ex .in kitchen plywood is more prone to water contact. So it is advisable to go for bwp plywood in kitchens, bathrooms  and any exterior area prone to water contact regularly. If Mr grade is used in the above-mentioned area the plywood may delaminate spoiling the whole furniture. So it is always recommended to choose your Marine Plywood wisely for our interior work.

Can I use BWR/Mr Plywood instead of BWP plywood ??

For this u need to know some basic technical difference  between the two :

BWR Plywood stands for Boiling Water Resistance: confirms to IS 303 . Glue used in the manufacturing Bwr Plywood is urea formaldehyde  .This makes it water resistant not waterproof . It can withstand max 2 hours of boiling water

 BWP Plywood stands  (boiling waterproof ) : confirms to IS710.Glue used in the manufacturing BWP Plywood is phenol-formaldehyde  . This makes it  water proof . It can with stand max 72 hours of boiling water .

Cost wise Marine Grade Plywood is Costlier than BWr/ Mr Grade PLywood


Now This is clear use BwpPlywood  for kitchen , bathroom  and all external usage  .

BWR/ MrPlywood  For other internal usage .

A lot of people really don’t understand all the technical terms used in  PLYWOOD industry and to make them understand we decided to write this article but if you still have some confusions inside mind we have created a short video in which we have shown 5 Things that you should know about  MARINE PLYWOOD. 



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