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Reasons Behind Laminates price increase in October 2018

Reasons Behind Laminates price increase in October 2018

Recently we saw the rapid increase of plywood pricing up to 5% and now laminate is not behind. Inflation touched this industry so badly that laminate price will also see higher rates.

With a constant increase in the cost of raw material and the petrol/diesel cost, all the laminate industry is going for an increase in pricing. No one knew the price of fuel will be so high that it will badly impact the heavy materials industry.

The rise in oil has in turn leading to a high rise in the transport charges.

The glue is at its all-time high.

As the fuel and commodities are going up the normal labor cost is also going up.

With the rise of the dollar v/s rupee, the cost of paper used in laminate has gone up steeply. 

As a result, every industry that is affected due to such inflation situation must raise their pricing to sustain in the market.

Several trade associations have called in for a meeting and have mutually agreed to increase the prices of all the laminate by 50-70 per sheet in 1.0 mm and 0.8 mm 30-40 per sheet Wef from OCTOBER 2018.

With no option left this price increase is inevitable. And everyone under the trade association must follow the same. 

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