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How to Choose a Good Quality Plywood a Guide by Plyduniya

How to Choose a Good Quality Plywood a Guide by Plyduniya
Plywood of various grades and brands are now available in the market. Most of the customers do not hold any in depth idea about the quality and always worry about the selection of brand and grade before purchase.

Though plywood is a onetime buy product we must check the quality just the way we check gold and diamond. Because ornaments won’t give you happiness but a well maintained house will.

So let’s start, by the end of this article you can easily be able to judge the best quality plywood for your next purchase.


1)      The Brand :- There are both branded and non-branded plywood available in the market. You won’t get any after sale service or warranty in non-branded. So why not go for branded plywood like Greenply& EverestPlywood ? Again it depends on budget but plywood is not purchased everyday so make sure you get a good brand,

2)      Grade :- There are so many grades in the Indian plywood industry.  Ask your carpenter the proper grade that is required of the work or consult an expert. Choose the right grade of plywood for your interiors . If you are looking  for free consultation you can always visit 

3)      ISI Mark: - Most of the genuine brands and companies have ISI mark on their products. Similarly in plywood industry all the well-known bands have the ISI mark on the plywood sheets. Make sure you identify it and be sure that it’s a genuine mark not fake one. This guarantees you the quality and the grade of plywood used .

4)      Warranty:-  Yes, plywood comes with warranty. Just like the gadgets you buy and get a 12 months warranty, branded plywood comes with different time period warranties.  Check for warranty before purchasing. Do not hesitate to enquire the same before purchasing . This assures you the quality and the longevity of your furniture.

5)      Authorized dealer: - An authorized dealer is always the best option while purchasing plywood. Why? Because those who are not authorized can charge you more bucks with no warranty and sale you old stock. So be careful for it.


The above precautions shall be taken while purchasing any kind of #PLYWOOD. At we hold the authorized certification to sale Greenply, Everest & Merino brand products. Feel free to ask for our authenticity and call or write to us for free consultation before purchase.


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