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Greenply Plywood, Everest Plywood & Merino Laminates authorized dealer in Bangalore

Greenply Plywood, Everest Plywood & Merino Laminates authorized dealer in Bangalore also known as M/s Unique Plywoods is operating in Bangalore since 1985. We are the authorized dealer and distributor for different brands of plywood & laminates in Bangalore.

Authorized and genuine plywood dealers in Bangalore : is a Bangalore based online plywood shop that has been dealing with plywoods, block boards, MDF boards, Laminates and adhesives since ages. We came into Bangalore market in 1985. Yes, the journey is almost 32 years. We have built a great rapo with the best companies’in the field ti name a few are Greenply Industries Ltd , Merino Laminates ltd , Everest Plywood , Durian Laminates , Cedar Laminates ,  … and the list goes on .  The whole concept was to make plywood available online at your fingertips to your doorsteps. And finally we got succeed with the venture with the launch of . Where once can avail all the interior raw materials from the best brands in Indian Territory with few clicks. The top most reputed brands of the trade like GreenplyPlywood , Everest Plywood , Green Panel Max MDF , VirMdf , Merino Laminates , Durian Laminates , Cedar Laminates are available at an single click .  To make the consumer experience more favorable to our customers we have social media team who is working 24x7 to guide our customers in finding the best product for   their respective work.  With the long journey of 32 years we have received enormous awards and recognition form the brands we are dealing with. Here are few of them that show the authorization of our dealership.








Authorized Dealer/ Distributor :  Merino Industries Ltd

Authorized Dealer/ Distributor :Greenply Industries Ltd

Authorized Dealer/ Distributor : Durian Laminates

Authorized Dealer/ Distributor : Cedar Laminates

Authorized Dealer/ Distributor :  Everest Plywood 

Authorized Dealer/ Distributor :  Archidply Plywood 


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