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What are the differences between Plywood and Block Board

What are the differences between Plywood and Block Board
Plywood and Block Boardare two different products . The major differences between the two are listed below.


Difference in composition :

Plywood :

Plywood is made by pressing several thin slices of peeled wood  veneers. As per the thickness required different number of layers are firmly pressed and glued with each other to make a plywood sheet.

Block Board:

Block Board  Is made by  arranging long rappels of wood to the required sizes and is glued between two core of wooden veneer called as core .


Different thickness :

The regular thickness availablein Block Boardare : 19 mm , 25 mm 30/32 mm   Other thickness like 16 mm or <32 mm are available on demand

The regular thickness available in Plywood  are ; 4 mm , 6 mm , 8/9mm , 12 mm ,15/16 mm , 18 mm , 25 mm  . However the other thickness areavailed on demand.


Usage  :These are the items that can be or that is generally made with plywood.

Plywood  ;  is suitable in most of the requirements of making furniture . best use in making  the racks , shelves wardrobes , inner cabinets partitions  etc……… . The multiple layers when glued together gives it more strength than Block Board .



Block Board : Is best suitable in all the doors of racks shelveswardrobes cabinets etc.  It is also best suited for long Table tops.  .


One can find minor gaps in between the core inplywoodwhereas the gaps is quite more  Beteweenthe reppers ofBlock Board .


Plywood by nature  has an tendency to bend hence all the doors are made of Block Board . How ever if extra care is taken one can make the doors of the cabinets with plywood also . Ask us how @9986461003


Cost : Last but not the least the cost is different.

Block Board is cheaper when compared to plywood .

We hope you already have a clear image on the difference between plywood and block boards. We will keep coming with more helpful articles related to plywood industry, in which our customer will be getting deep knowledge about this industry and products.


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