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How to Buy Plywood at the Cheapest Possible Price:

An article with price calculation

So you want to know how you can buy Plywood at cheapest possible price and without any time spent on it?

Who does not want to save time hmmm? Because time saved is money earned.

So let's dig in and find out the most cost-effective way with simple math calculation.

Let us assume you are purchasing 10 PLYWOOD SHEETS that costs 1000 a sheet which is 

10x1000 =  10,000

If you buy from traditional market

Price may vary shop to shop.

Let’s say you move to 5 shops to find the best price which is 1000 per sheet and it took almost 1-2 hours and lets assume you work in a 9-5 job where you are paid 500-5000 hourly. 

Basically you lost 2000 rupees by wasting 2 hours moving shop to shop.

So 10000+2000= 12000

Again there must be some transportation lets say you go by car or cab and you must pay 300 as fare or petrol.  

12000 + 300 = 12300

So once you are done and you want to send the dealer the plywood to your door step then again you end up paying 500 to 1000  as delivery charge. 

Basically its 12300+500 =  12800/-

Now lets check out how things work with

Plywood Price 10000/- (100% genuine and lowest possible price)

You stay in your home and order it so no transportation, money saved -  300

You do not waste 2 hours  in travelling money saved -  2000

You do not pay any delivery charge, again money saved - 500

No hidden fees, no hazle, no wastage of time. 

And yes, if you add the traffic jam frustration and the recent traffic rule challans; the price you will pay is beyond imagination of our calculator. 

So here is the clear calculation. Plyduniya wins in every aspect. 

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