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Where can I get Best Authentic & Genuine Plywood in Bangalore India?

Where can I get Best Authentic & Genuine Plywood in Bangalore India?

If you are looking for the most trusted and the most authentic plywood and laminates dealer in Bangalore then we are the one.

Often we see people repent on not checking the authenticity of a dealer before purchasing plywood.



Defective material , un genuine plywood , wrong materials are the common  problems faced by the consumer after purchasing plywood .

How ever the above issues may not even arise if one chooses the correct purchase point ……

Do check the below points before purchasing plywood for your furniture.



Step 1. One invests lakhs of rupees in making their dream furniture and if there is an issue in the furniture after it is done it is very disheartening. choose a plywood which gives you an after-sales service. When you have after sales service you can sit back relaxed and not worry unnecessarily about the plywood purchased or the big investment that is made on it.

Step 2 . Chose a right purchase point who is authorized dealer/distributor of the company. An authorized distributer has seals and certificates with multiple  POS options like debit card, online transfer, PayTm or Swipe.


Step 3 .Check the authenticity of the dealer by checking the dealer/distributor certificate issued by the companies. If they deny  to show it they are not genuine dealers.

Step 4 .today all the branded plywood do issue a warranty certificate for the plywood . do ask for the certificate. this will bring the consumer into direct touch with the company. once obtained the consumer can claim any issues pertaining to the products directly to the company.


Plyduniya authentication proof can be check by  clicking here.


If you have any question on our authenticity do drop an e-mail at


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