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5 Extra Ordinary Plywood Care Tips From Industry Experts, An Article by

5 Extra Ordinary Plywood Care Tips From Industry Experts, An Article by

Plywood is something that you do not buy every day or even once in a year. Normally we buy Plywood very few times in our lifespan. But are we taking the right care of our expensive asset?

One point that everyone doesn’t know is that: continuous dampness is a major breeding place for termites and borer. These termites and borer can spoil your good-looking furniture.

Here are 5 amazing plywood care tips by our CEO and some industry experts combined that will help you scale up your plywood life and your furniture’s those are made by plywood would last longer.
1. Make sure the plywood in not in direct contact with the new /wet/damp wall. This is one of the major areas of where your furniture can be attacked by borer/termites. However, this can be avoided by pasting a laminate on the side where the furniture is in direct contact with such areas. This laminate will protect the dampness and termites entering the plywood from the wall, thus enchanting the life of the furniture

2. The other way by which this can be avoided is by giving a wooden Patti (bedding) between the wall and plywood. This is the most common and traditional practice done. By doing so one can avoid the direct touch of the furniture to the damp wall and thus avoid borer/termite entering your furniture to a certain extent.

3. After the furniture is done do not allow continuous dampness /water/ moisture to remain on the furniture for a long period of time. This will deteriorate the life of the same. Maintain a dry, clean and hygiene premises.
4. There are many chemicals also available in the market. By just applying the same one can prevent the dampness of the wall to plywood.
5. One should also ensure the roof is well treated so as not to allow the water seepage inside the house on any walls.

We also want our customers and architects to help us create new and valuable articles for the plywood industry. If you have any points that may enhance this article feel free to approach us. Also, let us know if you want us to write articles on any particular subject.

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